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Results-Driven Process for Leadership Development

Each Coaching engagement starts with an agreement of the desired outcomes.  Input is then gathered from 360 assessment tools and conversations with stakeholders.  Key performance strengths and areas for growth & development are identified and confirmed.  A Coaching action plan (compriised of specific goals, action steps, timeframes, and success measures) is then finalized for the review/approval of the coachee, the manager, and/or the sponsor.  During the engagement, course corrections are made in direction and speed...based on feedback and progress.  At the end of the engagement (usually six to nine months) an engagement summary is conducted with the Coachee and Manager and the Coachee receives a plan to sustain any/all modifications to Leadership Behaviors.

Executive Coaching Areas of Expertise

Executive Presence* Communication Skills* Peak Performance* Strategic Planning* Assimilation & Transition