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About M Team LLC

M Team is modeled to one of the most common definitions of a team:
A team is a small number of people committed to:

  • a common purpose
  • measurable performance goals
  • an approach for which they are mutually accountable

Each M Team engagement adheres to the above 3 components of a team's committment.

Representative Clients:

American Express Aon-Hewitt Barclays Bank
Blue Book Network
Nystrom Parker Aerospace
Pratt and Whitney St. Francis Hospital/Hartford United Technologies Coorporation

About Howard Mager—Founder & President of M Team LLC

Prior to launching mteamllc in February of 2008, Howard Manger was senior vice president of McGraw-Hill Construction. Howard has extensive business experience in publishing and information services where he held senior general management and sales management positions.

He is recognized for structuring and leading teams and individuals through large and complex change initiatives. He was personally responsible for:
Leading the Launch & Execution of Customer Segmentation Programs • Introducing New Informational Web-Based Products/Services • Implementing Business Development • Pipeline Management Processes & Talent Management Initiatives

Education Background

Howard graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor's in Business Administration. He received his MBA from Michigan State University. He also completed case courses in marketing management at Harvard University and participated in creating the Market-Focused Organization at the Kellogg School of Management.

Early Achievements

Through a span of 25 years, he was publisher of Chemical Week™, Business Travel News™, ENR™, Architectural Record™, and a group publisher of 15 regional construction publications. Howard formed the Strategic Alliances unit of the McGraw-Hill Construction Group. He led the teams that designed and executed the original alliances with the American Institute of Architects and with the Design-Build Institute of America. 

Late '90s Career Highlights

In 1997, Howard worked with the China International Contractors Association to initiate the first China/US Construction Summit. In 1998, he led the unit that conducted the International Construction Summit in Rio de Janeiro. In addition, he directed the team that founded the Construction Industry Presidents Forum.

Awards, Memberships, & Personal Affiliations

Howard headed a cross-unit task force within the McGraw-Hill companies on talent management and achieved a Corporate Achievement Award for Leadership. The following are his memberships and affiliations:

Honorary Member of the Construction Industry Round Table Member of the International Coach Federation Director of the International Road Federation
Board of Director of the New York Society of Military Engineers Mentor with Women-Unlimited, Inc. Executive Coach for Lee, Hecht, Harrison
Member of the Wings Club
Advisory Board Member of the Connecticut Instruction Institute Partner in Education NYC Board of Education